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Ultrasuede Dog Harnesses

Designer dog harnesses made of Ultrasuede with the soft texture and feel of premium suede which offers exceptional luxury, appeal, performance and ease of care.



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The advanced non-woven construction of Ultrasuede makes it inherently pet-friendly. It resists scratching, there are no threads to pull or fray, and it won't absorb stray hairs.

Ultrasuede also resists staining and odor absorption - and it's even machine washable!

Your dog’s harness is his security blanket and his connection to you. By strapping on a secure harness, you're showing your pet where he can go, what he can do, and what behaviors are appropriate at all times. Just like a regular collar and leash, a harness allows you socialize your dog and teach him how to behave when he is out in the world away from your home.

Harnesses are often a better fit for a larger, stronger dog that likes to pull on a leash. You'll have better control of your pet if he wears a harness than if he wears a collar that he can slip over his head. He won't be able to pull out of the harness and away from you. Plus, when you correctly fit a harness, as our video shows you, your dog is not going to choke on a collar that is too tight around his neck.

Teaching your dog how to walk on a harness-and-leash system instead of a collar-and-leash can make obedience training, hiking, running and playing with your dog easier on both of you.

Some of our harnesses can be converted from a “pull” style to a “no-pull” harness by attaching the leash to the front of your dog’s chest instead of his back, forcing him to turn towards when he starts to pull away. This construction distributes the force of the pull evenly over your dog’s chest, and not around his neck, unlike that of a traditional collar.

By consistently training your pup using one of our leather or nylon harnesses, you give him the confidence to face new situations, new places, new dogs, and new people without becoming aggressive or afraid.