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Designer pet purses, totes, bicycle baskets and other carriers to travel with small to medium dogs, cats and small pets.

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Camouflage Designer Dog Cat Pet Carrier | Airline approved Camo Kelle Designer Dog Carrier - Airline Approved

An airline approved pet carrier for cats and small dogs up to 12 lbs.

Our Price: $169.99
Microsuede Boho Sling Dog Carrier Microsuede Boho Sling Dog Carrier

A plush Boho style sling dog carrier for dogs up to 10 lbs.

custom dog cat collars

Our Price: $89.00
Paloma Luxury Dog Carrier Paloma Polka Dot Dog Carrier

A polka dotted dog carrier with soft interior for small dogs up to 7.5 lbs.

Our Price: $98.00

Messenger Bag Dog Carrier Messenger Bag Dog Carrier

A messenger dog carrier made of preshrunk cotton for dogs up to 9 lbs.

Our Price: $79.99
Fur Baby Sling Dog Carrier Fur Baby Sling Dog Carrier

A plush faux fur dog sling carrier for dogs up to 10 lbs.

custom dog cat collars

Our Price: $120.00
Maltese Luxury Dog Purse | Airline Approved Maltese Luxury Dog Purse

A luxury dog carrier / purse for your spoiled Maltese. Airline approved.

Our Price: $275.00
Yorkie  Luxury Dog Purse | Airline Approved Yorkie Luxury Dog Purse

A luxury dog carrier / purse for your spoiled Yorkie. Airline approved.

Our Price: $275.00
Poodle Luxury Dog Purse | Airline Approved Pampered Poodle Luxury Dog Purse

A luxury dog carrier / purse for your pampered Poodle. Airline approved.

Our Price: $275.00
Chihuahua Luxury Dog Purse | Airline Approved Chihuahua Luxury Dog Purse

A luxury dog carrier / purse for your spoiled Chihuahua. Airline approved.

Our Price: $275.00

A roomy canvas dog tote with cute doggie applique.

Our Price: $199.00
Bond Girl Smuggler Small Dog Purse | Airline approved Bond Girl Smuggler Pet Purse

A purse and discreet pet carrier in one stylish and sturdy bag. Airline approved.

Our Price: $299.00
dog carrier purse, dog carrier, dog carrier purse, dog purse, small dog carrier Brown Lynx Faux Fur Dog Carrier

A stylish faux fur dog carrier for dogs up to 10 lbs.

Our Price: $199.00

Rio 3 in 1  Pet Dog Cat Carrier | Airline approved Rio 3-in-1 Pet Carrier

Travel in style with this roller bag/backpack/car seat pet carrier combo. Airline approved.

Our Price: $249.00
Ariel Bowler Style Designer Dog Carrier | Cat Carrier Ariel Bowler-Style Designer Pet Carrier

A chic designer dog or cat carrier with leather trim. Airline approved.

Our Price: $279.00
Gold Croc Luxury Purse Style Dog Carrier Gold Croc Luxury Dog Purse

A small dog purse-style carrier with gold plated hardware. Airline approved.

Our Price: $249.00

Don't leave your best friend home alone... pedal, push or carry him along for the ride with designer dog carriers, small dog purses from Snooty Pooch Boutique

For health, hygiene and safety reasons, bags, carriers and totes may not be returned or exchanged.

Find the best dog and cat carriers, purses and totes for travelling by car, plane, or bicycle with your very best friend. Fashionable, airline compliant dog and cat carriers for in-cabin air travel, bicycle baskets for 2 wheeled travel. Pet carriers can also keep your pet safe when riding in the car as they will buckle into the seat belt. Whether to the park, across town or around the world, rest assured that your pet will travel safely and in style with our designer pet carriers, purses and totes from Snooty Pooch Boutique.

Flying with your dog: Many airlines will let you to take your small dog with you onboard the plane.

  • Check Ahead- Each airline has different requirements. Check each airline to see what flight is the best fit for you and your dog.
  • Getting Ready– Even if your pet is use to being in a crate, they may not be as comfortable in the smaller crates that most airlines require. Buy the crate that you will use at least 3 to 4 weeks before your trip. Get your pet used to the crate by having them eat and sleep in it.
  • Pack a bag for your dog - include a copy of their vaccines records, medication, food, treats, and a favorite toy. Make sure that the information on their ID tag and microchip are up to date.
  • Airport Etiquette- Pets should fast 4-6 hours before a flight and go to the bathroom before entering the airport. If you have a multi-leg flight, check ahead to see if the airports you are traveling to have potty areas and where they are located.
  • Airport Security - All pets will need to be taken out of their carrier and carried through security. Make it easy for yourself by removing their harness and collar before walking through the metal detector.
  • Flying- Your pet must stay in the carrier throughout the flight and under the seat in front of you. To help your pet feel comfortable, board the plane as early as possible and hold the carrier on your lap facing the window so your pet can relax. Give your pet some treats to calm any nerves throughout the flight. A window seat is also best because you can face your pet towards a wall.
  • Enjoy your flight!