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The very best designer cat and kitten collars, supplies and accessories to help you care for your very best feline friend.

Collars, outdoor enclosures, feeders, carriers, beds, strollers and treat jars at Snooty Pooch Boutique.

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Plush Deluxe Dog Cat Bed Plush Deluxe Pet Bed

A luxurious and plush dog or cat bed for pets up to 10 lbs.

Our Price: $89.00
Cheetah Promenade Dog Pet Stroller Cheetah Promenade Pet Stroller

The perfect stroller for pets up to 50 pounds with an abundance of great features.

Our Price: $199.00
Burger Dog Cat Bed Modern Burger Pet Beds

Soft and cozy pet beds designed to cuddle your small dogs and cats.

dog bed

Our Price: $79.00
Cosmo Cat Hideaway Bed Cosmo Cat Hideaway Bed

A woven cat hideaway bed with comfy fleece pillow.

Our Price: $69.99
Co-Op Cat Tree Co-Op Multi Level Cat Tree with Condo & Teaser

This multi-level cat tree is ideal for homes with two or more cats.

Our Price: $345.99
Everest Multilevel Carpet Cat Tree Everest Multilevel Carpet Cat Tree

The ultimate multi-level cat tree with sisal play tower.

Our Price: $475.99
Midnight Blue Cat Tree Midnight Blue Cat Tree with Hanging Teasers

A stylish cat tree with a splash of color. Includes 4 plush perches.

Our Price: $214.99
gift card Gift Card, E-gift Card

It's the gift that always fits! By mail or E-gift card. Perfect for last minute gift giving.

Kittywalk Flying Dog Pet Stroller Royale  | KWPSROY55 Kittywalk Flying Stroller Royale

Easily travel on planes, trains, busses and cars with this pet stroller that collapses to under 10 inches.

Our Price: $299.99
Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Bed

A cat bed with a 4 watt heating unit buried within its thick premium polyfil pillow base.

Our Price: $59.99
Dog or Cat Bed | Self Warming Nuzzle Nest Self Warming Nuzzle Nest Pet Bed

A cat or small dog bed in plush leopard print.

Our Price: $39.99

Outdoor Cat Enclosure | Kittywalk Gazebo Kittywalk Gazebo Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Fully enclosed outdoor enclosure for cats. Sits on any flat surface. Portable.

Our Price: $329.95
Outdoor Cat Enclosure | Kittywalk Grand Prix Kittywalk Grand Prix Outdoor Cat Enclosure

A portable outdoor cat enclosure for up to 3 cats.

Our Price: $579.95
Outdoor Cat Enclosure | Kittywalk Penthouse Kittywalk Penthouse Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Perfect for small apartments and condo balconies.

Our Price: $199.99
Kittywalk Double Decker Dog Pet Stroller - KWPSDD100 Kittywalk Double Decker Pet Stroller

A high quality, double decker pet stroller.

Our Price: $389.95
  • Choose from cat bowls, cat feeders and cat water fountains for the busy cat parent or officially licensed sports team cat bowls.
  • Strollers offer one way for pet owners to get around with cats and other pets that are sick or elderly.
  • Provide your pet with a safe environment to romp and play outdoors with an Outdoor Cat Enclosure .
  • Litter boxes for cats to "go" in style.