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Dog Shoes and Boots

Designer dog shoes and boots adorned with premium crystals, sparkles, flowers and other unique embellishments.



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How do you train your dog to accept shoes or boots?

The following methods will help your dog learn to love his/her footwear:
  • Let your dog sniff their shoes and try to convince him that this is not a toy to play with.
  • Making sure that your dog is wearing the right size shoe. Inside the shoe should typically be 3-5 mm longer than the dog's feet, or the internal width of the shoe is about the same width of the feet when the dog stands firmly on the ground. The front of the dog's nails should be flush with the toe. The rear dog's feet should fully seated in the shoe and tighten not too tight and not too loose.
  • Once the shoes are on, distract him with games so he doesn't try to remove the shoes.
  • Reward the dog when he accepted the shoes.
Repeat these playful exercises and soon your dog will love his new shoes!

When selecting the shoes or boots, always try to find shoes that fit your dog's feet comfortably to avoid any unnecessary feet stress or pain. Avoid putting on Fetchers too loose or too tight: check the shoe or boot frequently as your dog walks to be sure they aren't too tight - loosen to allow the blood flow and avoid paws from swelling, if too loose they will easily fall off.