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Broaden your kitty's horizons by getting her outdoors on a harness and leash. Teaching your cat to walk on a harness and leash is a great way to let your cat enjoy the great outdoors while ensuring his safety.

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Sporty Cat Harness Sporty Cat Harness

An all-in-one cat harness and leash in Black, Red, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Orange.

Our Price: $19.99

Leopard Print Cat Harness with leash Leopard Print Cat Harness

A comfortable cat harness and leash in pink or brown leopard print.

Our Price: $28.99

Kittens are naturally more accepting of this new experience, but older cats can be trained with patience. Proceed in small steps, rewarding each bit of progress. Start harness training indoors so that your cat’s comfortable with it before you venture outside.

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