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swarovski crystal bling dog cat collars

Bling collars made with genuine Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones for cats and small dogs, large dogs and extra large dogs.

Designer Swarovski Crystal luxury collars and leashes for dogs, cats and other pets handcrafted with only the finest materials. We are sure you will agree that Snooty Pooch Boutique is the place to shop when your pet needs a beautiful and fancy Swarovski Crystal "bling" collar.

Rhinestone Bling Dog Collars Rhinestone Bling Cat Collars

Our bling collars are handcrafted using Genuine Czech and Swarovski Crystal and the finest materials.

Fancy bling cat collars handcrafted with Genuine Czech and Swarovski Crystal and the finest materials.

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Elegant Rhinestone Swarovski Crystal Designer Dog Collars Diamonds and Emeralds Swarovski Crystal Designer Dog Collar Custom Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Dog Collar
A very elegant rhinestone dog collar for large dogs lavished with clear and jet black Swarovski Crystals. Perfect for weddings and other formal occasions, or anytime! A white soft nylon collar embellished with gorgeous emerald and clear Swarovski Crystals. Create your own unique Swarovski Crystal "bling" Collar with your choice of Swarovski crystal and nylon colors.
Upscale Zebra Swarovski Rhinestone Desinger Dog Collar Watermelon Sparkle Swarovski Rhinestone Designer Dog Collars Pink Leather Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones Dog Collars
Decorated with zebra print fabric, jet black and clear Swarovski Crystals. VERY pretty! Dazzling soft nylon collars lavished with super sparkly Light Rose and Peridot Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones High quality pink leather with Pink, Fuschia, Burgundy or AB Swarovski Crystals for medium to large dogs.
Purple Leather Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones Dog Collars Dress Blues Swarovski Crystal Designer Dog Collars Blue Heaven Swarovski Crystal Designer Dog Collar
High quality purple leather with Dark Purple, Tanzanite, Blue or Pink Swarovski Crystals for medium to large dogs. A  navy blue soft nylon collar lavished with aurum gold and clear Swarovski Crystals. A white nylon collar lavished with gorgeous navy blue and clear Swarovski Crystals.
Summer Fashion Dog Cat Rhinestone Bling Collar Baby Blue Swarovski Crystal Designer Dog Collars Upscale Chic Swarovski Bling Designer Dog Collars
Swarovski Crystal rhinestone pet collars in summertime colors. A super sparkly big dog collar decorated with clear and capri blue Swarovski Crystals. A pastel pink nylon collar adorned with gorgeous clear and sultry Jet Black Swarovski Crystals.
Gucci Style Leather Designer Dog Collars Crystal Crosses Crystal Rhinestone Designer Dog Collars Itty Bitty Bling Small Dog Cat Collar
Adorned with a classic horse-bit icon in the Gucci style. A real eye catcher with jet black Swarovski Crystals and AB Swarovski crystal crosses.

A custom cat or small dog collar with blue zircon and AB Bling

Luxury Aurum Gold Designer Dog Cat Collar Pinkberry Bling Crystal Rhinestone Designer Dog Collar Midnight Rose Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Dog Collars
A burgundy collar adorned with Aurum Gold Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones. Decorated decorated with Light Rose Pink and Red Siam Swarovski Crystal "bling" for medium to large dogs. A black nylon collar adorned with gorgeous Light Rose and sultry Jet Black Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones.
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Our designer crystal rhinestone bling collars are handcrafted using Genuine Czech and Swarovski Crystal and the finest materials and are custom made to order. The genuine leather collars and leashes are combined with exquisite Italian hardware with close attention to detail. Won't you dog or cat feel extra snooty with one of our fancy bling dog and cat collars?

Unleash your good taste and adorn your dog or cat in one of our alluring Swarovski crystal luxury bling dog collars or bling cat collars. Get a matching bling leash for the full effect!

All of our crystal rhinestone bling dog and cat collars and leashes are custom made to order and are hand inspected before they get shipped out to ensure the highest quality. Special sealant keeps the crystals in place so they are more durable than most other crystal collars you see on the market today. Meticulously made.

These Crystals draw out magnificent colors and elegance. This outstanding quality is the result of special polishing, perfect cut, exact geometry and precise angles, which draw out maximum brilliance and *BLING*.

Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Bling Pet Collars:

Measure your pets neck SNUGLY (exact) around middle of neck and choose the collar size according to that measurement. DO NOT add any extra room for comfort. We will do that for you. If you have a growing puppy and would like extra room added for growing, no worries. We always put 3 holes in every collar for growing room and fluctuating weight.
Please measure correctly -"Made to Order" items are non-refundable.

Crystal Care:

It is best to use a gentle soap (Murphy's Oil Soap works best) and water on crystal.

Add just a couple of drops of Murphy's Oil Soap or another mild soap to a 1/2 cup of warm water. Use a babies toothbrush or as recommended, our Horse Hair Crystal Cleaning Brush Brush as it will not scratch the stones or the setting.

You can use it to gently work around the prongs of the setting and remove dirt and grime. Do not scrub, but use gentle, circular motions.

Rinse with warm, clear water so that there are no soap bubbles left behind. Dry with the clean, soft cloth. Allow the collar / leash / harness to fully dry, and it's good as new.