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The very best designer Swarovski crystal collars and rhinestone collars to bling your cats, kittens, dogs and puppies with many styles to choose from.

Designer Swarovski Crystal luxury collars and leashes for dogs, cats and other pets handcrafted with only the finest materials. We are sure you will agree that Snooty Pooch Boutique is the place to shop when your pet needs a beautiful, fancy Swarovski Crystal "bling" collar.

Swarovski Crystal Dog Collars Swarovski Crystal Cat Collars
Bling dog collars | Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone collars for small to large dogs
Fancy bling cat collars handcrafted with Genuine Czech and Swarovski Crystal and the finest materials.
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Luxury In White Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar Formal Fabulous Crystal Bling Designer Dog Collar Ice Blue Diamonds Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar
An elegant Swarovski Crystal bling collar for large dogs. A big "bling" collar for your large dog. Blue zircon and clear Swarovski crystals decorate an ice blue nylon collar.
Ruby Slippers Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar First Day of Spring Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar Easter Eggs Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar
An elegant designer dog collar with Opal and Ruby Swarovski crystals on a plush dark red velvet. A high quality Swarovski Crystal dog collar with pink and yellow crystals for medium to large dogs. A Swarovski Crystal dog collar with pink and yellow crystals and egg shaped jewels.
Pastel Diamonds Crystal Dog Cat Collar Snooty Poodle Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar Frosty Blue Bling Crystal Large Dog Collar
A gorgeous bling collar for small dogs and cats. A chic and unique bling collar perfect for a Standard Poodle or any large dog. A gorgeous collar for large dogs with Aquamarine and clear Swarovski Crystals.
Purple Ice Bling Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar Golden Bordeaux Bling Dog Cat Collar Pink Princess Swarovski Crystal Dog Cat Collar
A stunning purple bling collar for medium to large dogs. A bordeaux velvet bling collar Swarovski crystals for small dogs, large dogs and cats. A dainty collar with clear and light rose Swarovski crystals on a soft and sturdy pastel pink nylon.
Little Pink Bling Small Dog Cat Collar Little Blue Bling Small Dog Cat Collar Fashion Glam Custom Crystal Bling Large Dog Collar
Little Pink Bling Pet Collar
Our Price: $34.99

Little Blue Bling Collar
Our Price: $34.99
A sparkly pink Swarovski Crystal collar perfect for small dogs, toy breeds and cats. An aquamarine and black Swarovski Crystal collar perfect for small dogs, toy breeds and cats. This high fashion bling collar is 2 inches wide for large dogs.
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Our designer crystal rhinestone bling collars are handcrafted using Genuine Czech and Swarovski Crystal and the finest materials and are custom made to order. The genuine leather collars and leashes are combined with exquisite Italian hardware with close attention to detail. Won't you dog or cat feel extra snooty with one of our fancy bling dog and cat collars?

Unleash your good taste and adorn your dog or cat in one of our alluring Swarovski crystal luxury bling dog collars or bling cat collars. Get a matching bling leash for the full effect!

All of our crystal rhinestone bling dog and cat collars and leashes are custom made to order and are hand inspected before they get shipped out to ensure the highest quality. Special sealant keeps the crystals in place so they are more durable than most other crystal collars you see on the market today. Meticulously made.
These Crystals draw out magnificent colors and elegance. This outstanding quality is the result of special polishing, perfect cut, exact geometry and precise angles, which draw out maximum brilliance and *BLING*.
Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Bling Pet Collars:
Measure your pets neck SNUGLY (exact) around middle of neck and choose the collar size according to that measurement. DO NOT add any extra room for comfort. We will do that for you. If you have a growing puppy and would like extra room added for growing, no worries. We always put 3 holes in every collar for growing room and fluctuating weight.
Please note: Made to Order items are non-refundable.